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Architects and the Facilitation of Development Meetings

Posted Jan 13th, 2023 in Design, Business of Architecture

An often-overlooked element of creating and renovating buildings is the facilitation of processes.

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The Main Points of Mentoring

Posted Apr 25th, 2022 in Design, Business of Architecture, Architectural Education

In education, mentoring often plays an important role. Sometimes the role of a mentor never ends, and might span the generations.

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Why Design Awards?

Posted Mar 16th, 2022 in Design, Business of Architecture, Current Issues, Niagara Architecture, Architectural Education

Some good reasons to have more awards programmes.

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Architectural Fiction

Posted Feb 11th, 2022 in Design, Business of Architecture

It was late November, and Antoine surveyed the wreck of his Ottawa office. . .

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Learning from Local

Posted Nov 26th, 2020 in Business of Architecture, Niagara Architecture

In attempting to understand something, it is always good to look around and back in time. Rather unfortunately ordinary details of the past tend to be forgotten, together with what we might learn from them.

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Tales from the trenches

Tales from the trenches

Posted Jun 12th, 2020 in Technology, Design, Business of Architecture

An informative and interesting book of relevance to Canadians who build.

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