Upcoming Events

The Niagara Society of Architects usually meets on the last Thursday of the month, except in the Summer.  The dates and locations do change, based on the availability of speakers and venues, so it is good to contact a member of the Niagara Society of Architects (see NSoA Directory) to get the details of upcoming meetings - or send us an e-mail.

During these interesting viral times, regular in-person meetings have not been happening - so contacting a NSoA member or sending us an e-mail to find out about our on-line learning and social opportunities is a good idea.

A typical event might be that of recent Niagara Society of Architects meeting Dalhousie Yacht Club in St.Catharines.

The event featured Bill Birdsell, a past president of the Ontario Association of Architects and our OAA liaison, and Eugene Zhilinsky, an illustrator who now lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Bill conducted a Q&A session and addressed many of the concerns of the attendees.  

Eugene (Eugeny) Zhilinsky was born in Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad), Russia (former USSR), and has been painting since he was four years old. He did his Foundation Arts course at the High School of Art in Leningrad and later went on to study Architecture at the State Academy of Art, Sculpture and Architecture of I. J. Repin. In 1990 Zhilinsky moved to Israel and in 2000 to Canada. He has exhibited in many juried museum exhibitions and galleries in the Europe, Middle East, and Ontario. His paintings were also featured in the exhibition catalogues.  He is a member of American Society of Architectural Illustrators, and specialises in interior and exterior visuals and architectural design development.

Events qualify for continuing education credit - some as structured hours, and certificates of attendance are given out.  

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